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Victor Daniels

Victor Daniels


Started his stand up career at the Purple Turtle Highbury in 1999 and hadn’t look back since. Over the next eight years he performed in many of the top comedy venues such as Jongleurs, Comedy Store, Big Night Out, Comedy Café, Leaders of the new school tour, Up the Creek, Hackney Empire just to name a few. He Even flew over to New York where performed at the Boston Comedy club.
Victor has also entered into some comedy competitions which included BBC talent, so you think your funny, Laughing Horse; ITV’s take the mic, Hackney Empire new comedy competition, Amused Moose and the Evening Standard comedy. He reached many finals of these competitions.
Between the years of 2002 – 2004 his comedy took a surprise twist. He was enrolled as a writer and actor on Angie Le Mars comedy sketch show, ‘Big Sister’. The experience gave him a new insight into comedy which made him appreciate it more as an art form and taught him how to approach every show with real conviction and professionalism.
After the success of Big Sister, he was given the opportunity to work on with Gina Yashree as one of four writers on her show aptly titled, ‘The Gina Yashree show’. Working at the BBC with comics such Sean Mayo and John Mann taught him how write comedy on command which is very important as comedy shows can come quick and fast which would need a much greater ratio of material.
” A rapport delivery of comedy
” Instant rapport with audiences
” Cliché as it sounds but some really original material