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Fleabag star Maddie tackles a silent issue on stage

Fleabag star Maddie tackles a silent issue on stage


At Edinburgh Festival last year, Maddie Rice was the face and voice of Fleabag, the award-winning creation written by Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

But this summer, she had her own sell-out show there in Pickle Jar, a one-woman show about a teacher, known only as Miss, trying to act as a role model to her pupils when she feels far from being one.

"It´s so funny that when you´re at school you think teachers are almost inhuman and so sensible, that they never make mistakes," Maddie muses as the show begins a new run at London´s Soho Theatre.

"But now I see my friends in their 20s teaching, then on the weekends they´re being themselves and living young people´s lives. They don´t have all the answers. But they have to maintain this semblance of being a...