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Sir Ken Dodd dies age 90

Sir Ken Dodd dies age 90


Sir Ken Dodd has died.

The comedian, singer-songwriter and actor has been entertaining audiences since a child, achieving his big professional break in 1954, aged 26, at the Nottingham Empire.

Described as "the last great music hall entertainer", Dodd has been performing ever since. He is well known for his very long live shows, which could start as early as 7pm but not end until after midnight.

Born in Liverpool´s Knotty Ash, the area would become a staple of his routines and his popularisation of local legends the ´Diddy Men´ and their treacle and jam butty mines.

In his ninth decade, Dodd enjoyed remarkably good health, however in January 2018 he was admitted to hospital with a severe chest infection. After six weeks of treatment, he was recently discharged.