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Ashley J & Tee-J

Ashley J & Tee-J


Ashley J and Tee-J are a comedy duo who specialise in Presenting, Acting and (of course) Comedy. The pair first met as young boys when they joined the ´Theatre Royal Stratford East Youth Theatre´ and began working together soon after.

Ashley J is best known for his TV appearance on Eastenders, Trouble TV´s BUMP ´N´ GRIND (series 1), Presenting MTV and CHOICE FM´s ´STUDIOLINE STREET DANCE TOUR´.

Tee-J is best known for his appearance as ´Seymour´ in the award winning hit BBC show, KERCHING (series 1-4), and BBC TV drama ´Mr Harvey Lights A Candle´.

Two of London´s youngest and finest actor/presenters, the duo are the founders and creators of ACTing UP! An improv comedy game show where the audience “decides what happens!“.