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The Comedy Project 2018

The Comedy Project 2018

The Comedy Project offers audiences the unique chance of seeing new work from well-established writers performed alongside material from the best in up-and-coming comedy talent.

A selection of pieces are presented each night – with the content ranging from ‘off-book’ sitcom pilots to ‘on-book’ radio plays; from stand-up shows to filmed sketches.

19th February 7.15pm:

BONNEY AND READ by Eleanor Morton
Legendary female pirates Mary Read and Anne Bonney are two of the most fearsome pirates on the high seas…with boobs. Historical sitcom based on the amazing lives of two real-life female pirates.

ED AND JOZ’S HEIST MOVIE by Ed Aczel and Joz Norris
Ed and Joz need to up their game as career criminals – it’s not easy making a living from selling stolen biscuits. Surely there are bigger fish to fry?

A MASSIVE LAMP by Luke Courtier
When Robert ventures off to the Tottenham Court Road branch of the ailing interior design outlet Lombok in search of a rare edition Corsican mahogany-blend bedroom lamp, he assumes very little could possibly go wrong…

26th February 7.15pm:

JUDGMENT DAY by Rosalind Adler
More from the Jeremiah Trial shows – Earth is blown and in Heaven it’s Judgment Day for…well…everyone. Prophet Jeremiah shines the spotlight on fellow Old Testament characters – and he’s got two big hitters today. Cast: Justin Brett, Richard Heap, Asha Kingsley, Simon Pothecary, Sean Joseph Young, Crispin Letts, Jaz Hutchins, Roisin O’Mahony, Rosalind Adler.

Pippa Evans has been given a radio show on Radio 4 and she would like to try it out on you. Thank you!
Accompanied by her band of ladies, Yshani Perinpanayagam and Alex Atty

5th March 7.15pm:

THE OTHER ONE by Jen Brister and David Jordan
Theatre director Nic moves to rural Scotland with her partner Ruby and their 9 month old twins in search of tranquility and peace. However, Nic is soon confronted by the idiosyncrasies of village life and their even quirkier neighbours. When she’s offered her dream job, rural life begins to get even more complicated…

LAPSED by Rory O’Keeffe
Luke O’Grady is a lapsed Catholic going gonzo – or is he being sucked back into the church that won’t let go?

12th March 7.15pm:

INTERNALISED by Haleema Mirza
In the dodgy world of FONT Productions, two hapless interns are roped into creating a BAME scheme when what they really want is to sink their teeth into the world of feature films.

BOOMERANG by Mathew Horne and David Hughes
Alex and Lucy were best friends from the age of 5, dating at 12 and married at 20. They have only ever known each other. They live in a world of love and systems. It is a harmonious union and they have created a bubble around themselves. In a world of temptation and tarnation, they strive to keep their bubble un-burst.
In the wake of Lucy’s father passing they find other humans are the pricks to that bubble. The only option is to emigrate.