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Darts Wives

Darts Wives

WAGS are so last season. This year it’s all about the DWAGS!

Meet the Beckhams and the Rooneys of the Darts world in this hilarious no-holds-barred exposé of this passionate, competitive and dramatic world, where what matters more than anything is finishing on a double! Darts Wives was created after a year of in-depth research following a personal introduction to the darting underworld by personality and sports promoter extraordinare, Barry Hearn. Hanging out with Hearn behind the scenes, the writers got to interview many real life DWAGS and their families.

The real sport is not darts but backstabbing, in this professional and polished parody of football WAG culture. The four brilliant actresses play both the ambitious wives and the dart-hurling husbands, with rapid role reversals. The DWAGS are delightfully warped, and will stop at nothing to help their men win. Jokes flew thick and fast, the majority had the audience snorting and applauding continuously. Don’t miss out on this exuberant and relentless comedy

“The best character comedy I´ve seen, Victoria Wood and League of Gentlemen couldn´t do better“ The Independent